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Before purchasing any items and Content on this Website, we recommend that you read the following Terms and Conditions.

About Us

Our company is registered in Blvd. Knyaginya Maria Luise № 9-11, floor 2, office 4, Sofia, Bulgaria legislation LONG ISLAND ZONE LTD  (hereinafter – “Funcog,” “we,” “us,” “our”). We sell and provide in-game codes for digital Content on our Website https://funcog.com/ (“Website”) based on these Terms and Conditions (“Terms,” “T&Cs”).

Gaming and digital offering (“Content”) presented on this Website is not our property but is owned and operated by the Content Developer. We present various digital Content on our platform, including official game keys. These tools allow users to access in-game Codes (“Code”), that is, to unlock and download the corresponding Content from the Developer’s platform. Users should also abide by the Developer’s end user license agreement and other Terms related to its Content and platform in addition to these Terms.

You can contact us through the communication channels specified in the Contact Us section of the Website (at the bottom of the Website). Please indicate your current email address in your User Account settings so that we can also contact you if necessary.

About Users

“You” and “user” mean the person interacting with us or using our Website and its Content, making purchases with us.

To make purchases through our Website, the user must register, that is, create their own Account (“User Account”). 

Our Content is available to the user for review and purchase through supported Devices such as a computer and smartphone (“Device”). Please make sure that the Content you choose is compatible with the hardware and software requirements of your Device before placing an order. On the page with the Content you are interested in, you can familiarize yourself with all the technical information and the Developer’s recommended hardware and software requirements for your Device for downloading and installing the Content.

Any charges for using the Internet or mobile data in connection with the Website, including purchasing, downloading, and accessing the Content and the Codes, are the responsibility of the user. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that the amount of Internet data consumed depends on the file size of your Content.

In addition to your User Account and Device, you need to have a payment method that you have the right to use and that we accept on the Website. We ask users to be careful and responsible about storing User Account data and not sharing it with anyone else. 

For our part, we respect your privacy and process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy (https://funcog.com/privacy-policy/). After reviewing it, you will be aware of what personal data we collect, how we do it, how we use and transfer such information, as well as your rights in the management of personal data on our Website.

Suppose you are considered a minor under the laws of the country in which you resided. In that case, you will need to provide us with the permission of your parent or guardian in order to purchase the Code and other relevant Content and comply with these Terms. Our Website contains Content that may not be available to some individuals due to age restrictions. You, your parent, or guardian are responsible for purchasing the relevant Content. Therefore, you must comply with these age restrictions and purchase age-appropriate Content on our Website.

Agreement Between the User and Us

In the process of purchasing the Code, as well as accessing and downloading Content through our Website, we conclude an agreement with the user for the supply of Content from the Developer’s platform.

The legal Terms that apply include these T&Cs, any documents associated with the affiliation program, and additional Terms that may act as amendments to this contract. The latter situation may be due to security issues or related to legal and regulatory requirements. If such changes are necessary, we will inform you about them 30 days in advance. You will be able to terminate this contract if you disagree with the new Terms by email at  [email protected].

We reserve the right to translate these Terms into other languages.

Important Information

On our Website, you can purchase the Code for Content that interests you. Please note that you can see the characteristics and version of the Content and familiarize yourself with the activation instructions before initiating its download from the Developer’s platform. Images, videos, and screenshots on the Website are intended for a general illustration of games.

The Content that you download through our Website is not subject to updates unless the Content Developer provides you with any updates, new versions, etc., in accordance with a license agreement or other contract between you. Our Website only serves as a platform through which you can access and download Content from the Developer; we do not provide any updates to the Content after the Code is purchased and do not report updates from the Developer. Please note that the Developer may provide updates or new versions of the Content for an additional charge.

Orders on the Website

In order to purchase an in-game Code, you need to create and log into your User Account, add the required Content to the cart, click the Checkout button, fill in the missing Billing details, and click the Place Order button. We ask you to check your order carefully before submitting it to us. After you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email, and after that, it will be considered accepted. For certain reasons, we may refuse to accept your order. This can happen if certain Content is not available to you; if there is an inaccuracy/error in the cost or description of the Content, we are not allowed to sell you the Code, or you are not allowed to buy the Code/Content. The fact that your order cannot be processed can be communicated to you using one of the contact details you have left.

Receiving a confirmation email from us signifies the conclusion of a legal contract between us and the commencement of its implementation. The email you receive serves as a confirmation but does not contain the Code itself. You can access the Code for the relevant Content by going to your User Account. You can familiarize yourself with the process of retrieving your Code in detail in the next section.

Unusual user activity and/or User Account data may cause us to cancel the order and/or block the User Account. We reserve the right to detect and respond appropriately to such a situation at any processing stage, even after confirmation of the order. If you find yourself in such a position, you can contact us through the Contact Us section, and we will consider your appeal.

Access to Your Code and Content

After receiving the confirmation of your order via email, you need to follow these steps to use the Code and download the Content from the Developer’s Website:

  1. Log in to your User Account.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on Orders History.
  3. In the window that opens, you will see the game for which you purchased the Code, click on Activate Game, and copy the Code.
  4. Follow the instructions.

After visiting the Developer’s platform, where the corresponding Content is downloaded by the user, and the Code is applied, the Code will be considered used.

In the event of any delays or any other malfunctions on our Website that interfere with your use of the Code, we will do our best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Unless such delays are directly dependent on us, or we cannot influence them, we cannot be held responsible for them. We will inform you about the possible delay in access to your Code. If there is a significant delay, you can terminate our contract and receive a refund for the purchased Code by contacting us first.

Please note that we should not be held responsible for your inability to use the purchased Code and/or access the Content on the Developer’s site and are not obliged to refund the cost of such Code in the event of temporary or permanent blocking of your User Account on the site by the Developer.

Price and Payment Issues

You will be able to see the amount you will have to pay for the purchase of the Code on the Website page with your selected Content and on the checkout page. The prices you see on the Website do not include the cost of your Internet traffic. Until you have made a purchase, we reserve the right to change the price and range of Content on the Website at any time.

If there is an inaccuracy/error in the offer/price and that you have already purchased the Code, we will inform you about it upon detection by email. You will then have the option to receive their order revised or at an adjusted price or cancel the order entirely. If you cancel such a paid order, we will refund you the full amount. If you do not respond to such notice, we also reserve the right to cancel such an order.

We accept cash payments upon delivery of the Content. Stay tuned for new additions to payment options on our Website. We may also remove payment methods from the Website at any time.

The security of the information you enter when paying on our Website is guaranteed by encryption of financial data and is ensured by us within reasonable limits. If your information unauthorizedly falls into the hands of third parties and you incur any losses, we do not bear any responsibility, including legal, for such a leak if we:

  1. a) make reasonable efforts to secure your data; 
  2. b) comply with the Terms of this contract and our Privacy Policy; 
  3. c) do not violate our obligations in accordance with applicable law.

User Rights to Terminate the Contract

The agreement between the user and us can be terminated at the will of the latter if they disagree with what we inform them about, namely:

  1. a) the user does not want to accept changes that will relate to these Terms or the Content in general; 
  2. b) the user does not want to continue using the Code/Content after learning about an error in the price/description; 
  3. c) there may be delays in the use of the Code due to events that we cannot influence; 
  4. d) the Code has become unavailable for technical reasons for more than two days (48 hours) or if we inform the user that we are going to suspend its operation for the same reasons and for the same time period; 
  5. e) we made a mistake, and the user has a legally justified right to terminate the contract because of this.

If you notify us of your decision to terminate your contract with us for the reasons stated above, it will be terminated immediately, and the amount for any Code that was not provided will be refunded. However, you do not have the right to initiate termination of this agreement if you have purchased and used the Code. Also, you are not eligible for a refund if you used your Code to download the Content.

If you decide to terminate the contract with us and have the right to do so, we must be aware of this decision through a clear written statement from the user. From our side, you will also receive a confirmation by the channel of communication available to us.

License (Permission) to Use the Content

Acquisition of the Code in accordance with these Terms means that you receive permission from the Developer to use the Content, but you will not own this Content. The use of the Content by the user must be in accordance with the Developer’s end-user license agreement. You can use the Developer’s Content only as it is explicitly presented in these Terms, and in no case, you get ownership rights or the right to dispose of any copies of it. All rights, titles, and interests in relation to the Website, Code, and Content are reserved.

The purchased Code is original for each user. Users can use the Code without being tied to a location. In doing so, you must comply with the Terms of this agreement and the Developer’s end user license agreement and with due regard to local laws.

Content Restrictions

The Content that users acquire through our Website is not exclusive and is provided to other users. Users do not have the right to modify the Content, including using computer programs, extracting the source сode, distributing the Content, or selling it to third parties.

The Content may be labeled as such that belongs to third parties (with a registered trademark, unregistered trademark, copyright). The user has no right to change or delete such information.

Our Rights to Terminate the Agreement

To terminate the agreement in accordance with its Terms, no court order is required, neither from you nor from us. We may terminate the agreement at any time if we notice any unusual activity on your part or if you violate any of the Terms of this agreement and/or the documents referred to in this agreement; we will notify you by email if any of these occurs. Upon termination of the contract by us, all your financial obligations under this contract to us remain, as well as the provisions of the contract, rights, or obligations that are in effect or have effect after termination. The user’s access to their User Account (in some cases, the Website) and their right to use the Code will cease without compensation or liability to them.

Quality of Code and Content

When selling the Code, we do everything in our competence so that the user receives it without defects, viruses, etc., but the Code/Content may contain insignificant errors or shortcomings. You may have the right to satisfactory quality and conformity to the description of the Content. Please note that we are not responsible for the compatibility of the Content with any software or hardware.

After purchasing the Code, we ask users to check if it functions as indicated. If defects are found, please contact us using the contact information at the bottom of the Website. After you contact us, we will be able to replace or cancel the Code and make a refund. The responsibility for regularly updating versions of the Content from the Developer lies solely with the user. This way, you can avoid mistakes in the use of the Code and Content.

You acknowledge your willingness to cooperate with us so that we can, if reasonably necessary, consider whether the malfunction is caused on your part, for example, by your Device.

Limitations on Our Liability to the User

We always try to exercise reasonable care and take the necessary steps to act in accordance with this agreement. In the event that we fail to comply with these Terms for unforeseeable reasons, we will not be held liable for any losses incurred by you. We will be liable to you if our actions are illegal, for example, for violating your legal rights in the Content and Code, for fraud or willful misrepresentation.

If you ignore the instructions for installation and use, system requirements specified by the Developer, or the need for an update, we will not be held liable for any damage that will result from this. If the Code provided by us turns out to be defective and damages your Device or digital Content, and this is due to a lack of reasonable care and skill on our part, we may fix the damage or pay you compensation. Please use your Code personally.


There may be some delays in the enforcement of this agreement, and we have the right to enforce it later. That’s why we may require you to comply with these Terms at any time later if we delay taking any action against you with respect to your violation of these Terms. 

Everything in the Terms supplements but does not exclude any rights or remedies under current law.

Our rights and obligations may be assigned/transferred to another organization in accordance with these Terms.

The recognition by the relevant authorities of the illegality of any part of this agreement does not mean that the remaining sections lose their validity. These Terms are governed by the laws of Czech Republic, and any disputes arising will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic courts.

Updating These T&Cs

These Terms are subject to change, so we recommend that you read them before placing an order. The updated Terms will apply to all future purchases and will not affect any order you have already made. These Terms were last amended on date, year.https://funcog.com/

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• +420 774 861 997
• [email protected]
•Na Folimance 2155/15. Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague, Czech Republic
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